Cat Scrunchie with Reflective tape  - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie with Reflective tape  - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie with Reflective tape  - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie with Reflective tape  - Bird Protector

Cat Scrunchie with Reflective tape - Bird Protector

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Designed to help protect the birds in your garden and yourneighbourhood from the natural hunting insticts of your cat.

Now with Shiny Holographic Tape - it's reflective surface that catches the light and effortlessly attracts the attention of birds.


This Reflective Tape is highly visable when a light source is pointed at the Cat Scrunchie such as torch or car headlights. 

I recommend all cats are kept inside at night to keep them safe and help protect all sorts of creatures that they may hunt at night ( when the Cat Scrunchie doesn't work) however if your cat is out at night and you want a way to help it be seen in a light source this is they Cat Scrunchie for you. 

Also available without reflective tape here.

Birds are genetically predisposed to look for bright colours when looking for food and they will therefore see this brightly coloured Cat Scrunchie ( and that it is a cat) moving much earlier and have time to move away rather than be ambushed. Also unlike a bell (which cat can learn to silence by moving smoothly ) your cat can't work around wearing the Cat Scrunchie.

Article about the research on its effectiveness here

This Cat Scrunchie is designed to be held in place with a standard  quick-release collar so that yoiur cat is still safe if it is catch on any branches etc in the garden

Cat collars are sold separately here 

Comes in two types:
LONG-HAIRED (which is slightly wider to be seen over all the fluff)


100% cotton and fully washable.

all Cat Scrunchies come with a name  LABEL attached to  add yourcontact details so your scrunchie can be returned if found. 


"Just wanted to let you know how successful the scrunchie has been.  We've gone from one or two birds daily, declining to one a week and more recently, zero dead bodies in the bedroom for many weeks.

We have never had a cat that hunts like Minnie so it was very distressing. Your colourful collar is an absolute success. Thank you.

Linda Parker" 

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Customer Reviews

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Mad Cat Lady
Great concept

The scrunchie worked very well when new. The upgraded model has more tape so fingers crossed! Unfortunately the reflective tape started peeling off after the 1st wash and the fabric dulled with wear. I’m considering hand sewing more bling by adding flat light weight sequin/disks to slow down the almost daily gifts of finches

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with the scrunchie whan washed. I'll be intouch to replace it now. and to say I have a new higher quality fabric that won't fade as fast which will help too.

Very good idea!

This is a very good quality collar! The idea is great. Goes well with a collar with a bell.

Nicky Dunlop
Birds are safe!

7 days down and no birds caught yet. Fingers crossed this continues.

Renata Smit

Great product. Very happy with the collar, thanks.

Toni Hamlin

Purchased for my British short hair who is catching too many birds. He has had the scrunchie for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately, he has caught one bird but I think it has definitely decreased the number of birds he would have caught. I think the scrunchie looks cute