Catnip Cat Toys

All my catnip is homegrown fully organically, having taken over several patches of the garden including a large chunk of the veggie patch!

Over spring and summer I cut and dry it ready to be added to all my cat toys so it is as fresh as possible when it is consumed by all those little lions.

Some cats take great care of their treasured catnip toys and they will look as good as new even after the catnip is no longer giving off its scent. While a small number of cats are prone to attack them with great vengeance and others suck them like a toddler's cuddly.
If you know you have an attacker or sucker you will find the larger versions of the fish and bunny kickers will stand up to more wear as they are made with a thicker fabric.

 All my toys can go into your home compost bin when your cat is finished with them.