About Little Lions

Hi I’m Helen Moore the creator, maker and cat lover behind Little Lions NZ.

I’m lucky enough to live and work on the beautiful Port Hills in Christchurch , New Zealand. Little Lions is the creative merging of two of my loves Cats and Sewing. Here at Little Lions I handmake high quality items for both cats and cat lovers with the aim of enriching your relationship with your cat through play.

For more than 5 years I had been running a small business called Ya Yah Design making eco-friendly sandwich and snack bags and baby toys to sell at markets and online. Then Millie Moo joined our family and when I went to buy things for her, like toys, cat collars and beds I was unable to find any NICE New Zealand made, organic, high-quality items, so I started making them myself for her and all my friends.

Before Millie arrived, I planted catnip for her to play in. Then found out that cats are only affected by catnip (if they are at all) once fully mature - so decided I might as well started drying it while she grew. The funny thing is, Millie has turned out to be a ‘catnip purest’- she will only nibble a leaf if it’s still on the bush and is completed unaffected by it. She does, however, help protect the catnip patch from curious neighbours who liked to visit and squash it flat given half a chance.

I still grow the catnip from home organically and its currently taken over half the veggie patch, but if I run out I will buy in NZ grown and certified human grade catnip (Yes some people do drink catnip as a herbal tea!)

I hope you will enjoy our products as much as Millie and her friends do!