Cat Scrunchies

Does my cat need to wear a collar to wear a Cat Scrunchie ?

Yes, the Scrunchie is held in place by having a normal quick release collar threaded through it.

Will any Cat collar work in the Scrunchie ?

Yes any cat collar will work, however I always recommend only using a quick release collar for cats to avoid injury as it will break open if it gets caught on anything (eg a tree branch).

Does the size of my cat matter when choosing a Cat Scrunchie ?

No, the Scrunchies are designed to fit all cats the only difference is the length of fur your cat has - long haired cats need a little more width on the Scrunchie to be seen over all that extra fluff.

Catnip Questions

How long is the high cats get from Catnip ?

Catnip only effect cats for about 15-20 minutes before they become accustomed to the scent ( a bit like when we wear perfume and cannot smell it ourselves after a while, but others still can ). The cat then needs to have a break from the catnip for a period of time before it will effect them again ( later that day or the next day ). Catnip has no lasting or negative side effects on cats.

How long do the catnip toys last? 

Under normal use, they should last approximately 6 months. This can be reduced if your cat likes to suck on the end of the toy with the catnip in as it will lose its scent when wet much faster.  In this case, I would recommend getting the large fish as they are made with a more hardwearing fabric to stand up to the extra love the toy will get. 

If your cat is no longer interested in playing with the catnip toy for an extended period - It's time to get a new one ( once a catnip addict always a catnip addict ).

Click & Collect

I live in Christchurch - Am I able to pick up my order from you directly? 

Yes, please email me littlelionsnz@gmail.com or call 022 632 5807 and we can arrange a time to suit.