Designer Cat Collarin Mitsi by Liberty of London

Designer Cat Collarin Mitsi by Liberty of London

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Little Lions Cat Collars are handmade to the highest quality, using 100% cotton, and are available in an array of fabrics, from florals to stunning textures, there's one for every little lion's personality!

Mitsi small floral  from the Classics collection in  Tawa Lawn Cotton of Liberty of London. colours include orange, pink, white and green.

Quick Release clip so you know your little lion is completely safe when out in the garden exploring as the collar will automatically open if it gets caught on a branch ( or similar) 

lightweight and soft design so your cat won't even notice that it is wearing a collar.

D Ring to attach name tag and or bell 

Please Note these collars do not come with a bell attached as I recommend using the cat scrunchies to protect our birdlife. You are able to purchase a bell in a separate product listing to add to your collar if you would like one.

Available in sizes

Kitten - up to 12 months  

Adult - over 12 months 

Hand washable 

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