Cat Scrunchie - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie - Bird Protector
Cat Scrunchie - Bird Protector

Cat Scrunchie - Bird Protector

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The Cat Scrunchie Bird Protector is designed to help protect birds in your garden and neighbourhood from the natural hunting instincts of your cat.

Now with Shiny Holographic Tape
The tape provides a reflective surface in contrast to the ruffle collar colours that catches the light in a different manner and effortlessly attracts the attention of birds, thwarting your cat's bird hunting activities.

How do cat collar scrunchies stop cats from catching birds?
Birds are genetically predisposed to look for bright colours when looking for food and they will therefore see this brightly coloured Cat Scrunchie ( and that it is a cat) moving much earlier and have time to move away rather than be ambushed.

Why don't bells work to keep birds safe from cats?
Cats can learn to move smoothly while hunting to keep even loud cat collar bells silent, making them ineffective at protecting birds from cats. Your cat can't work around wearing the Cat Scrunchie as the bright colours can't be silenced. Most birds that are likely to be killed by cats have eyes on the sides of their heads, allowing for constant horizontal peripheral vision of 300-340 degrees or more, and 180 degrees vertically, alerting them to bright colours from most directions without having to move their heads.

Want to read more on the research of cat scrunchie effectiveness at protecting birds? 
Enjoy this article about cat scrunchies protecting wildlife from hunting cats:

This Cat Scrunchie is designed to be held in place with a standard quick-release collar so that your cat is still safe if it is caught on any branches etc in the garden.

Cat collars are sold separately here 

Cat Scrunchies come in two types to suit the thickness of your cat's fur:

  • LONG-HAIRED (which is slightly wider to be seen over all the fluff)

Protect your cat from cars at night: Scrunchies are available with reflective tape here

Cat Scrunchie Bird Safe Collar Accessory Features

  • Material
    100% cotton and fully washable.
  • Name Labels
    All Cat Scrunchies come with a name LABEL attached to add your contact details so your cat &/or scrunchie can be returned if lost and found.
  • Reflective 
    This collar has reflective holographic tape to increase light reflection. If you want increased reflective strength, helping with seeing your cat at night, then please select the Reflective Tape version here.
  • Anti-bird Collar Accessory
    Scrunchies attach to your cat's quick release collar to keep your cat safe. If your cat's collar isn't quick release, you can purchase these separately here.


"Just wanted to let you know how successful the scrunchie has been.  We've gone from one or two birds daily, declining to one a week and more recently, zero dead bodies in the bedroom for many weeks.

We have never had a cat that hunts like Minnie so it was very distressing. Your colourful collar is an absolute success. Thank you."

Linda Parker" 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Renee S.
I can enjoy being a cat owner again!

Our native birds need all the help they can get! With this cat scrunchie my cat's hunting effectiveness has been significantly reduced. From 9 birds and a nest last year to 1 bird this year. I've got three scrunchies in rotation (for cleaning) and I feel MUCH happier about him being out in the world. He's also visible to traffic, he is distinguishable from a feral cat and it doesn't impede his normal behaviours at all!
NZ-made, absolute minimal plastic, fit for purpose, excellent for animal welfare, highly effective and safe. This is a product that ticks ALL the boxes.

Kaye Basire
great fashion icon

our cat Bella now proudly sports her brightly coloured frilly neck scrunchie

Great product great service

Bought a few of these collars and the large bells over the last few years. The collars are beautifully made and our cat is happy to wear them in the garden. The birds are happier as they can see and hear her coming. They have been very effective in reducing her hunting success.

Cushla Waghorn

Hi Helen. I have emailed you several times as there was an issue with my order. Your email keeps bouncing back. Would appreciate it if you could let me know how else to contact you.

A good buy

Definitely helps slow down the bird catching process.