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Rod and 2x Catnip Fish Gift Set

In stock
Product Details

The perfect gift for the cat lover in the family or if you need to get the cat a gift too.
Will keep the cat and human entertained for hours at a time.

The Organic Catnip Fish attaches to the cord and rod via a small loop at the top of the fish.
So you can swing the fish about in the air or dang it enticingly out of reach for your cat to play hunt and use up their energy in natural play- making for a happier and healthier cat as well as being fun for the human too.
Fabric fish with organic catnip inside
cotton exterior fabric with a leather tail for added interest.

Most cats love catnip and it makes them play like kittens again for short periods of time before it affects wear off till next time they find the toy.

The effects are temporary and of no has no detrimental risks to the cat.

Fish are also available individually or rod plus 1 fish - see my other products for this.

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